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  1. I actually feel great after spending !2/19/13 - 1/6/13 in Richmond with my Mom and big brother. I think i just actually need to take vacations. Like actual REAL vacations. With pools and sunlight... I feel hyper stoked about the new year people! 
  2. Gonna draw my @$$ off, post all the art Every where, that's a semi resolution. I used to draw ALL the freaking time you know? it makes me happy! wtf happened? i think it's work my everyday 9-5. Really wrecks my mood. What i draw, it could be adult art since i need practice with that so that will end up on Fur Affinity and Tumblr.  
  3. I'm gonna UFMH, because i want my floor space back! 
  4. And post my referral link every freaking day, because Orlando is making like $600 + a week. He treats it like a JOB, and he make's the money I want. Here's a picture of me with the first $30 i made! 
  5. I'm off to sleep, and grab my sketchbook. 
Zulma-san Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
Happy New Year!!!!
Glad to see you had a nice time with your family.
All the best for 2014.
Take care!!! :D
michaelmas Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
Always happy to see your artings ^^ Have a great new year!
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