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  1. I actually feel great after spending !2/19/13 - 1/6/13 in Richmond with my Mom and big brother. I think i just actually need to take vacations. Like actual REAL vacations. With pools and sunlight... I feel hyper stoked about the new year people! 
  2. Gonna draw my @$$ off, post all the art Every where, that's a semi resolution. I used to draw ALL the freaking time you know? it makes me happy! wtf happened? i think it's work my everyday 9-5. Really wrecks my mood. What i draw, it could be adult art since i need practice with that so that will end up on Fur Affinity and Tumblr.  
  3. I'm gonna UFMH, because i want my floor space back! 
  4. And post my referral link every freaking day, because Orlando is making like $600 + a week. He treats it like a JOB, and he make's the money I want. Here's a picture of me with the first $30 i made! 
  5. I'm off to sleep, and grab my sketchbook. 
efox01 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015
I'm just letting you know that your art fans haven't forgotten about you. I hope that things have sorted themselves out at least a little bit for you in 2015. Here's a fun list of completely free things for you to do that will put a smile on your face. Watch a spider build a web from start to finish. That's a lot more interesting than it sounds. Writing spiders build the most interesting webs. Walk around your neighborhood and count how many different colors of squirrels you can find. In one city I found two different families of white squirrels. Take a walk after dark to check out the animals that only come out after dark. I've seem armadillos, coyotes, foxes, possums, raccoons, flying squirrels, bats and owls of every kind. You'll love seeing the field mice perching in the limbs of bushes. Many of the best things in life are completely free.
Zulma-san Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
Happy New Year!!!!
Glad to see you had a nice time with your family.
All the best for 2014.
Take care!!! :D
michaelmas Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Always happy to see your artings ^^ Have a great new year!
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